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Thank you for my new life - I feel so much better. You've given me a life I didn't know existed. A shame I 'wasted so much of it.                                                                                                                                  EM 

Dear Carol

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to wish you a good and relaxing Christmas and to thank you so very much for you help during the last few months.  I have been feeling the best I ever have done during this stressful pre-Christmas period - normally it is horrendous and I feel so tired, anxious and low.  This year I have energy and a lovely sense of calm, so thank you once again, you are amazing!                                                          AM 


I was recommended by a family member and went to see Carol. I didn't think that this would make me feel any better but I was willing to give it a try.

Carol made me feel very comfortable and at ease and I was instantly "into" my treatment during my ACMOS.

After my treatment I was tired and slept really well that night. Since that day I feel like the old me is back, family and friends have noticed a big difference in me. I feel a heavy weight has been lifted off my mind and I feel so much lighter in my head.

I would say ACMOS without a doubt, is the best thing I have done in my life and I would recommend anyone to have ACMOS.

I can't thank Carol enough for making me feel normal again.



"Carol was recommended to me by a friend at a very low time in my life. I was nervous on my first visit but desperate for help. Through a series of tragedies I had reached rock bottom in my physical and mental health.

I have seen Carol only 3 times in a year and she has dealt with deep issues such as grief, addiction and fear, the benefit of this has been enormous to me. The treatment is hard to explain but Carol talks me through everything in a way I can understand. Since seeing Carol I no longer take medication or supplements- another benefit saving a fortune in the health shop!

I would recommend ACMOS treatment to anyone and Carol is a remarkable person providing just the right amount of empathy, kindness and compassion combined with her professionalism and a sense of humour! I am looking forward to my next balance."

J. F.


"I went to see Carol around two years ago.

I had no energy was tired all of the time very anxious and stressed.

Carol made me feel relaxed and talked me through the balance.

She came up with dates in my past which had affected my energy up to the present day, and explained how our bodies can hold on to negative vibrations without us realizing it.

Everyone noticed the difference in me after only a couple of weeks.

I now go to see Carol two to three time a year and have recomended all my friends to her."



" For years I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and depression due to many factors. I was treated by many Doctors using prescribed medicines to no avail, and the situation continued with minor periods of relief. I saw a demonstration of Carol's ACMOS therapy, and took part in a demonstration treatment there and then.  I was totally amazed because the ACMOS treatment had an immediate and beneficial effect on  my anxiety and so I booked a follow up appointment.

ACMOS treatment has revolutionised my life! It has resulted in the previous anxiety and resultant depression being healed and I now have a much more balanced and harmonised life where I am able to manage everyday problems in a much healthier condition.

I thoroughly recommend ACMOS treatment to anyone looking for a healthier and balanced life."



"I first met Carol earlier this year having seen the change (for the better) in a good friend after seeing Carol.

I have bipolar disorder and take daily medication for this. After one appointment with Carol my doctor has reduced my dosage which I am delighted about having worried about the side effects of taking long term medication.

Carol also helped me with a muscle injury which doctors could not help so there is the added bonus of Carol being a chartered physiotherapist.

The ACMOS treatmnent is a fantastic natural method of keeping my life balanced, calm and energised. The information Carol gives me is spot on and I would recommend anyone reading this website to give it a try.







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