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THE AIM OF THE ACMOS METHOD IS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR NATURAL CAPACITIES OF SELF-MANAGEMENT using the wisdom of traditional medicine augmented by the use of measuring instruments developed by Rene Naccachian and his team of French instrumentation engineers.

"An experiment is a question which science poses to nature, and a measurement is the recording of nature's answer"

Max Planck, Theoretical Physicist, 1858 -1947

Would you like to understand the interaction of the signals within and around you which may be influencing your health?

ACMOS energy balancing is very specific system for communicating with the hidden or deep information stored in your body. Each cell, organ and system can store information relating to traumatic events in your past which may be at the root of your current symptoms. Using the ACMOS method we enable you to work with these deep imbalances and you may be surprised with the insights the system reveals. Often a theme will emerge during your balance and seemingly unrelated issues can be linked to your loss of get up and go.

The initial balance takes around 2.5 hours to complete. Follow up is usually 2-3 months later to allow time for your system to absorb and adjust to any changes.  

Each session is personally tailored to your needs as it is led by your body’s responses to specific questioning via the ACMOS protocol. Using the remedies in the test kit we give you the opportunity to harmonise your energy fields. Vibrations stored in response to past traumas (negative memories) may be released and any energy tied up by these memories is released. If you have lots of stress in your life, your defense energy can become depleted and you start to use you deep energy stocks to cope with everyday life. After a variable length of time, depending on your constitutional strength, your stocks (or batteries) also become depleted and symptoms like fatigue, stress or depression may appear.

In order to allow your body to resolve these problems, energy blocks are identified and balanced by either application of a remedy or by stimulation of acuouncture points. No two balances are the same as your body is unique in its inherited tendancies and the stresses that life has exposed you to. There are no recipies in the Acmos Method; only asking questions and finding which answer resonates best with you.

The bio-energetician’s toolkit consists of the ACMOS Lecher antenna, a meridian biofeedback tester, an electro-acupuncture stimulator and the ACMOS valise, a test kit of hundreds of potential remedies. The antenna and biofeedback confirm that a change has taken place and as your energy system re-organises itself symptoms may start to drop away. Removal of negative memories reduces the energetic cost of suppressing old traumas.

When needed to complete the balance, stimulation of acupuncture points using the antenna,  electro-acupuncture or light, is performed. The ACMOS Method ensures this is specifically tailored to the needs of your body by only opening the acupuncture points requested. This allows the energy to circulate to the areas where it is most needed. 

In addition to good quality input (food, fresh air, musical sounds, nice smells, beauty... ) we also need to use our nutrients well and dispose of our waste products efficiently for optimum health. Efficient waste management is necessary for the human body as well as for the environment in which we live!

Note - ACMOS is not a medical treatment

"The ultimate effect of the ACMOS method is to keep you in good health by getting your Global Energy balanced in view of optimizing your self-management, self-repair and self-healing natural capacities!

Only under such conditions you can reach a deep enough level to deal with the origin of your disorders, a depth that the limited human mind, even a scientific one, can never be able to reach..." Rene Naccachian May 2011



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