What previous students said About ACMOS Method courses

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I attended the course twice in Paris, loved it both times, and I'm still getting loads from the videos. I can't say more, I am glad I didn't graduate after either course otherwise I might not have watched these. (NB - didnt graduate because didnt complete case studies - every cloud has a silver lining - Carol :-)  R.W. 2021

"I have done many other holistic training courses. The ACMOS course joins the dots for so many other subjects and courses I have followed - it makes perfect sense"

"Why are we not taught this in medical school?"

"Fabulous training!"

"Good session again today many thanks Carol. Enjoyed trying to follow the balance. Sessions are motivating me to read the books and bits are beginning to fall into place".    

" I found today very motivating, its been a while since I looked at any of the books but have done so today :-)"

"I could feel the energy even online - nice to see a picture of Dr Rene"

"Thank you for an informative and stimulating week. You are a very good teacher and it is clear that you know your subject (and much beyond) inside and out"

"ACMOS changed my life - how I look at problems and relationships - now I understand how everything is so interconnected."

"Very interesting Carol, thanks so much. Enjoying getting back into it :-)"


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