Learn to communicate with the unique intelligence of each person's energy body to help them reset their own bio-electric circuits (meridians of Chinese medicine).


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       ACMOS Energy Balancing for Health


    International Practitioner Training 


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Additional mentoring is available on a private basis directly from Carol or Widad

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* ACMOS Energy Balancing for Health Part 3 & 4 includes the certification examination for those who have had sufficient time for practical application and absorption of their knowledge. Supervised case studies with feedback and support complete your learning process.


In September of 2010 Rene Naccachian became the first non-medical doctor to be presented with a gold medal at the French Senate House by the Societe D’Encouragement au Progress (French Society for the Encouragement of Progress).

“For the importance of your discoveries and their applications in the field of health, the S.E.P. is honored to congratulate you and to award you a gold medal”. (Rene Naccachian Sept 2010 – Medaille d’Or)


ACMOS Lecher Antenna Basic Training available here

A self study package is now available through the shop on this site. The package gives  a basic introducetion to the antenna with instruction on measuring the energetic qualities of foods, products and people. It teaches you how to open the energetic drivers of the body. For more specific application further training is highly recommended. 

Training days or skype tutoring arranged according to demand.

What is the ACMOS Lecher Antenna



Genuine ACMOS Lecher Antenna, available to purchase: Acmos Method UK Shop

  • with the official ACMOS training DVD and a comprehensive booklet containing step by step instructions and exercises to help you master the application of the Acmos antenna for vibrational correction of your energy field, your environment, your nutrition and compatibility with your personal effects, e.g. jewellery. £242.50 including postage UK / £249 worldwide if you can verify that you have a reliable mail service. Delivery by courier - price on application.
  • Skype support for basic antenna use is available if required on a fee per time basis.

**The genuine ACMOS Lecher Antenna is not the cheapest Lecher antenna available on the internet but the ACMOS principle of quality is paramount and the antenna is manufactured in France by a precision engineering company. Acmos-SBJ believes the quality of their antenna surpasses other cheaper antennas both in construction and in vibrational quality.



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